Australia’s Top Cities to Move to For Migrants

Australia is a country based on immigration and it has continuously welcomed migrants from all over the world for almost a hundred years. With its vast land, low population density, booming economy and high quality of living, Australia has become a favorite among Europeans and Asians to migrate to.

If you’re thinking about the possibility of moving to Australia with your family, there are many factors to consider. The first is where in Australia. The country is made up of a few states that offer different climates, lifestyles, and culture. Other factors that you need to consider are employment opportunities, the cost of real estate, and even the presence of friends, family, or an ethnic support community.

You can ask the opinions of migrants who are living in different cities in the country, or do your own research, or even ask a migration agent about certain facts and statistics. To give you a brief introduction to the top Australian cities to move to here are a few cities to consider:


If you want to live in the most urban metropolitan in Australia, then Sydney is the best place for you. It has a fantastic transportation system, the most vibrant nightlife, and plenty of career opportunities. However, its major disadvantage is real estate. Housing in Sydney is the most expensive in the country that residents opt to rent than to own. Living here will also involve a great deal of commuting if you work in the Central Business District. Sydney is a great place for single or childless couples, but you might want to think twice about moving here if you have kids.


The second most populous city in Australia, Melbourne has been dubbed as the most liveable city in the world, according to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The city has enjoyed this honor for three years in a row now, making it a great place to move to. If you’re into culture and art, then you should definitely move to this city, as it is the cultural capital of Australia. However, Melbourne is also the 5th most expensive city to live in in the world, so you might consider the high cost of living if you want your family to move here.


With a subtropical climate and a multicultural community, Brisbane is another great Australian city to move to. Real estate is not as competitive as Sydney and Melbourne, yet the city is also a modern metropolitan. Because 25% of its population was born overseas, Brisbane is considered to be a foodie’s paradise for its bevy of local and international food offerings.


Though relatively isolated from the rest of the big cities in Australia, Perth has become a favorite for migrants for its booming economy, cheap real estate, abundant employment opportunities, and terrific parks and beaches. If you want to enjoy similar amenities to that of a big city but also enjoy a rural environment, then Perth is the place for you and your family.

There are other great cities in Australia for migrants, such as Adelaide – considered to be one of the most livable cities in the world, Canberra for its great school system, and Darwin for its growing mining and tourism industry and low population.

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