Great Reason Why Your Family Should Opt to Move to Australia

If you’re thinking about the possibility of moving to another country, one of the best countries to migrate to is Australia. Dubbed as the most popular country for expat families, Australia offers one of the greatest qualities of living in the world – making it a great place to live and grow old for each and every member of your family. Currently, there is an ongoing population boom in the country mainly due to migration. Projected numbers by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently been released, which include numbers from the Department if Immigration and Citizenship for the very first time. According to the projections, about 240,000 migrants every year will arrive in the country in the next five years. This goes to show that hundreds of thousands of people from around the world are packing their bags to move to Australia and call it home.

So why is Australia the perfect place for families? Here are the 4 main reasons why:

Great Economy.

Unlike the rest of the developed countries who have been suffering from the global financial crunch, Australia only felt it for a small time but were able to rise above it. While other countries all over the world are still suffering from economic crisis, Australia remains untouched. It is because of this reason that unemployment in the country is low and there are thousands of opportunities for overseas workers to find jobs in the country. Yes, Australia may have one of the highest costs of living in the world, but they also pay their employees with the highest average wage. Finding work in Australia will not be a problem if you have the proper skills for certain skill and professional shortages.

Great Weather.

Australia is synonymous with nature. The Great Outback, spectacular beaches and countless natural wonders are just a few of the amazing benefits of living in this country. With only 22 million people currently living in the 6th largest country in the world, you know that there’s plenty of room to wander and explore. Aside from Tasmania, everywhere else in Australia experiences glorious springs, summers, and autumns. But even winter time can be spent on the beach. Sunny and spectacular, you can’t get any better than Australia when it comes to great weather all year round.

Great Schools and Public Parks.

In almost every corner in Australia, you’ll see public parks that cater to families and little children. Australians love to be outdoors and your kids will, too. Sunday barbeques are a common thing, making you and your family spends that one day of the week under the sun and around family and friends.

Australia also offers several of the world’s top universities. With the same education system with the US and the UK, you know that an Australian education is top notch and world class.

Great People.

One of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, Australians welcome people from all walks of life. They’re extremely laid back and is the world leader when it comes to perfecting the work-life balance. Still a hardworking nation, they put importance on family above all things. You won’t find yourself missing your son’s soccer game on a Sunday because you have to be at work.

If you’re now considering the plan to move to Australia, why not go to a registered migration agent to know about your options. Getting an Australian permanent residency may take some time but you know it’s definitely worth it.

About the Author:

Michael Ma was an assistant at Move Migration – a boutique specialist with expert migration agents in Sydney; offering simple fee structures and excellent services to all clients.