Great Reason Why Your Family Should Opt to Move to Australia

If you’re thinking about the possibility of moving to another country, one of the best countries to migrate to is Australia. Dubbed as the most popular country for expat families, Australia offers one of the greatest qualities of living in the world – making it a great place to live and grow old for each and every member of your family. Currently, there is an ongoing population boom in the country mainly due to migration. Projected numbers by the Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently been released, which include numbers from the Department if Immigration and Citizenship for the very first time. According to the projections, about 240,000 migrants every year will arrive in the country in the next five years. This goes to show that hundreds of thousands of people from around the world are packing their bags to move to Australia and call it home.

So why is Australia the perfect place for families? Here are the 4 main reasons why:

Great Economy.

Unlike the rest of the developed countries who have been suffering from the global financial crunch, Australia only felt it for a small time but were able to rise above it. While other countries all over the world are still suffering from economic crisis, Australia remains untouched. It is because of this reason that unemployment in the country is low and there are thousands of opportunities for overseas workers to find jobs in the country. Yes, Australia may have one of the highest costs of living in the world, but they also pay their employees with the highest average wage. Finding work in Australia will not be a problem if you have the proper skills for certain skill and professional shortages.

Great Weather.

Australia is synonymous with nature. The Great Outback, spectacular beaches and countless natural wonders are just a few of the amazing benefits of living in this country. With only 22 million people currently living in the 6th largest country in the world, you know that there’s plenty of room to wander and explore. Aside from Tasmania, everywhere else in Australia experiences glorious springs, summers, and autumns. But even winter time can be spent on the beach. Sunny and spectacular, you can’t get any better than Australia when it comes to great weather all year round.

Great Schools and Public Parks.

In almost every corner in Australia, you’ll see public parks that cater to families and little children. Australians love to be outdoors and your kids will, too. Sunday barbeques are a common thing, making you and your family spends that one day of the week under the sun and around family and friends.

Australia also offers several of the world’s top universities. With the same education system with the US and the UK, you know that an Australian education is top notch and world class.

Great People.

One of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, Australians welcome people from all walks of life. They’re extremely laid back and is the world leader when it comes to perfecting the work-life balance. Still a hardworking nation, they put importance on family above all things. You won’t find yourself missing your son’s soccer game on a Sunday because you have to be at work.

If you’re now considering the plan to move to Australia, why not go to a registered migration agent to know about your options. Getting an Australian permanent residency may take some time but you know it’s definitely worth it.

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Australia is Experiencing an Increase in Permanent Immigration

Australia is a country based on immigration. For the country’s 22 million population, one in every four people are born overseas. This goes to show that Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. It is also one of the countries with the highest proportions of immigrants – a true testament that people from all walks of life have come to call Australia their home.

Large scale immigration in Australia occurred after the Second World War, when the country opened its doors to refugees for humanitarian purposes. The Land Down Under, with its vast land, also had a small population, forcing the government to create the “Populate or Perish” policy. Since then, over 7 million people from all over the world have settled in Australia, with Europeans being the biggest group of immigrants to stay in the country permanently.

In a recent report released by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship(, data shows that Europeans are no longer the top group for the largest number of permanent migrants in Australia this year. According to the report released by Immigration minister Brendan O’Connor, India is now the leading source of permanent immigrants to the country. For the 2011-2012 year duration, a reported 29,018 Indians became permanent residents of Australia, with China coming in a close second at 25, 509. This data shows that Asia is now the leading source of Australian permanent migrants. Whereas, in 2010, the UK and New Zealand were the top sources. Data also shows that from the top 10 source countries for Australian permanent migrants, 7 of them are from Asian regions. It also shows that Mandarin has overtaken Italian as the second most used language in the homes of Australian residents, making it second to English.

With the government’s strong focus on skilled migration, it is no wonder why people from countries nearer to Australia are heading their way to the Land Down Under. Currently, the Australian government is offering a major migration scheme where young people from financially struggling countries can work in the country with the Holiday Working Visa. Though it has received major criticisms, the Immigration Department insists that foreign workers have proven to support the workforce in sectors such as mining, construction, agriculture, and tourism, where there are major skilled labor shortages.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that these foreign workers, either Holiday Working Visa or Temporary Working Visa holders are attracted to the job opportunities of the regional areas of Western Australia and Queensland. With the current mining boom, more and more migrants are heading their way to these regions for better career opportunities and lower costs of living. These jobs are also fueling these regions’ increase in population, leading to the overall economic development.

With the Australian government wanting to attract high quality foreign workers, and students, as well, they have recently made some revisions to the visa application processes that will make it easier for qualified visa applicants to be granted entry to the country. There’s the streamlined visa processing for student visas and the possible changes to the revisions of the 457 visa.

It’s also not just foreign workers who want to move to Australia. Celebrities like LMFAO’s Redfoo and American R&B singer-songwriter Jason Derulo have both expressed wanting to move to and live in Australia.This just goes to show that Australia is not only attracting people for the good economy, but also for the great way of living.

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The Different Australian Visa Subclasses

Thousands and thousands of people go to Australia each year. They go to the country to work, study, relocate, reunite with loved ones, or simply visit the great Land Down Under. Whatever reason they have, they must apply and get approved for a specific Australian visa subclass to be able to gain entry, and stay in the country.

Australian Visa

Australian Visa

There is a long list of Australian visa subclasses. If you plan on going to Australia, you can do your own research and apply yourself; however, since there are constant changes to the requirements and types of subclasses themselves, it can be a challenge on your part. This is why getting the services of a migration agent would be ideal. All migration agents in Australia are required to be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority to ensure clients that such experts have the proper knowledge and qualifications on the different Australian visa subclasses and the application procedures to be able to effectively assist customers. They also have the proper up-to-date information on any changes made to the visa application processes, making sure that clients are given the right advice and assistance with their visa applications. The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection also supports clients’ consultations with migration experts.

For jobseekers, there are several visa subclasses that can apply to you. It really all depends on the skills that you have. The most commonly used visa is the 457 Temporary Working Visa. There have been recent changes and controversies to this visa subclass, such as stricter requirements and the increase of certain application fees. Instances like these are when migration agents are especially helpful.

Other visas for jobseekers include the visa subclass 417, which is the Working Holiday Visa that lets you stay in Australia for up to 12 months. There’s also the visa subclass 190, which is the Skilled-Nominated Visa – a points based visa subclass where an individual is nominated by a state or territory due to the person’s high demand occupation in Australia’s labor market.

For international students, visa subclasses differ on a number of different factors. Australia ranks 3rd among the countries in the world with the biggest number of international students. With some of the world’s top universities and having the most student-friendly environments, Australia has been attracting tens of thousands of foreign students every year.

Student visa subclasses are assessed depending on the main course of study and the passport country of the individual. The student visa subclass options are visas for Higher Education, Postgraduate Research, Vocational Educational and Training, and a few others.

Australia values the institution of the family, this is why they support individuals who want to come to the country in order to reunite with their loved ones. Some of the visa subclass options are subclass 115, which is the Remaining Relative Visa, the visa subclass 103, which is the Parent (Migrant) Visa, and the visa subclass 820, which is the Australian Partner Visa.

Going to Australia may require a bit of work and research but with the right help of a registered migration agent, your chances of lodging a successful visa application may work for your benefit.

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Michael Ma is a migration agent assistant at Move Migration; an immigration boutique specialist with migration agents in Sydney, specializing in visa application assistance such as the Australia partner visa and student visa.

How to Apply for a Permanent Work Visa

Working in AustraliaAustralia is one of the countries that have been virtually untouched by the world’s economic crisis. In fact, the country’s economy is booming with developments and expansions of companies, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs that can’t be fulfilled by Australian residents alone.

The influx of migrant workers in Australia has dramatically shaped the country’s economy. In Western Australia, foreign workers fuel the region’s population increase, with two thirds of the growth credited to migrant workers. More and more people from overseas are moving to Western Australia more than any other part of the country – making it a favorite choice for immigrants. Despite the large number of foreign workers in this region, the demand is still high especially in the fields of construction and mining.

If you want to be a part of the number of foreign workers in Australia, there are several steps that you can do to be able to work in the country. You can apply for a temporary work visa, or better yet, a permanent working visa. You can apply for the Australian Skilled Independent Visa where a sponsorship is not required, or a Skilled Nominated Visa with a sponsorship requirement, or the Australian Employer Nomination Scheme for those who are already working temporarily in the country.

If you are currently outside Australia, or even if you are in the country, you can apply for the Skilled Independent Visa if you meet all the necessary qualifications. Here are the steps to apply for subclass 189, which is the Skilled Independent Visa.

Before Applying

Before you apply for subclass 189, you have to learn what it is. It is a permanent work visa that will allow individuals to work and live in Australia. Individuals must have the qualifications and skills that are required for skill shortages in the labour market. Having this visa entitles you to become a permanent resident of Australia, have access to government healthcare, social security benefits, and have the ability to apply for an Australian citizenship. You can also bring with you members of your family who meet certain qualifications, such as your dependents.


For subclass 189, you need to be assessed whether you are qualified for this visa. You need to go through a Points Test, which is an objective method of selecting skilled migrant workers with the qualifications needed in Australia. Points are given on factors such as age, where you have to be below 50 years of age, education, skills needed under the Skilled Occupation List, and experience in the skill for at least 12 months. The minimum points required for subclass 189 is 60 points. If you fail to get the minimum points, you will not be eligible to apply for subclass 189, but can possibly apply under subclass 190, which is the Australian Skilled Nominated Visa, where a nomination from a participating state or territory government is required.

Submitting an Expression of Interest

If you have all the necessary requirements, then it’s time to submit your Expression of Interest through SkillSelect – an online service that records your details for being considered for the visa. Application is by invitation only so submitting your EOI will get you an invitation to apply or not.

Lodging Application

Once you have your Invitation to Apply, you can then begin to lodge your application within 60 days, and submit necessary documents. When you’ve submitted all documents and requirements, all you need to do is wait whether your application got granted or not.

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Breaking Down the Immigration Procedure in Australia

Visa Application ProcedureMoving to another country is an exciting thing – you get to have a new start in life, have better career opportunities, and a possible better future for you and your children. Australia is one of the best places to migrate to and has experienced an influx of migrants from many other countries in recent years. Australia is a great country to move to because of many reasons such as career opportunities, high standard of living, low crime rates, stable political system, high quality education, a multicultural society that is accepting of people from all walks of life, great natural wonders, and many, many, more.

If you are considering migrating to Australia, there are many steps that you must take in order to move to the country. Though you can study the entire immigration process by yourself, it is always easier and quicker if you get the services of a migration agent. Since the Australian government’s policies on immigration procedures are always changing, the best advice that you can get is from a registered migration agent who has the knowledge and experience in dealing with the entire process.

However, if you do get the services of a migration agent, it does not mean that you should rely solely on the agent to do everything for you. You still have to do your own research so you can understand the whole procedure. Here is a short breakdown of the Immigration procedure in Australia.

There are two major categories for migration applicants: the first is family, skilled, and returning applicants and the second is for humanitarian entrants. Family members must be sponsored by a relative who is an Australian citizen or resident, whether a spouse, fiancé, child or parent.

Before lodging your application for a migration or permanent resident visa, you have to consider a lot of things. First is whether you are eligible to be a potential migrant. You can assess yourself by reading the form 975i, which details the general information about migration. You can take a look at this form whether your set of skills is in demand in Australia. If you have the education or experience in an in demand occupation, then take a look at Form 994i, which details the things you need to consider before deciding to move to the country. These include cost of living, employment, the language, and medical costs in Australia.

The Second Step is to submit an Expression of Interest to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Australia. You also have to prepare your supporting documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and certificate of employment, police clearance, IELTS exam scores, and many others.

The third step is to wait for your Invitation to Apply. Once you receive his, you can begin your application process. You can o to the official website of the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship to lodge your application. For family members, you and your family will be required to go through interviews at the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Indigenous Affairs.

Once your visa is granted, you must move to Australia within 6 months of approval, otherwise you’d have to apply again.

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Michael Ma is working as migration agent assistant at Move Migration, a company of professional migration agents in Sydney, Australia that breaks own each application process to make things easier and faster for you.