The Basics of Finding Work In Australia

Australia has a job market that encourages and welcomes skilled and professional foreign individuals to come to its shores and work for several industries with shortage of occupations. However, finding work overseas is always a task that can be daunting. Even finding work in one’s own country can be difficult, with the current state of world economies. If you’re planning on migrating to Australia in the near future, you can start your process by finding work in the industries that have gained recent growth, such as the manufacturing, mining, financial services, and tourism industries.

One convenient way to find work in Australia is to consult a registered migration agent to help you better understands the process of finding work in Australia. Agents in your country associated with migration agents in Sydney may be equipped with the proper processes and procedures that will help you cinch that dream job in Australia.

Here are a few basics of finding work in Australia, to give you a grasp of the steps needed to start your career Down Under:

The first thing that you have to do is equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding of Australia’s laws and culture. You also have to be fluent in English with an understanding of Aussie slang and accent. The more you know about living in Australia, the better it will be for you to adapt and live in the country, since you already know what to expect.

Second, look for job vacancies that are posted online. You can also ask from friends and relatives who are already living in Australia about job vacancies that can be found in newspaper listings and from employers they know, since a lot of job openings are not posted online.

Third, once you’ve decided what industry you’d like to work in, get the skills, expertise, and experience. Get the education and the needed qualifications that certain fields require of its workers. Verify from a migration agent if your qualifications are valued in Australia’s industries. One tip is to look for jobs in industries where there is a shortage of applicants or current employees, since they will be the ones who need workers the most.

Fourth, apply for a visa. Employers prefer applicants who already have visas or are in the process of application. You can ask a migration agent to help you with your application, or you can also go the Australian embassy in your country to start the process of your visa application. They actually give priority to those who have the qualifications, skills, and experience in industries where there is a shortage of employees.

Fifth, apply for jobs in Australia. Once you’ve scoured online portals for jobs in Australia, send your resume and cover letter. Make sure that your resume is up to par with “Australian style” resume writing.

Sixth, follow up and be available for an interview. If you’re not in Australia yet, be available for a Skype interview online.

The amount of your salary will depend on the industry you will be working in and the sets of skills and qualifications that you have. But the adult minimum wage for full time work in Australia is $16.37 per hour, which means you’ll be earning an average of $622.20 per week.

There are different kinds of visas that you can apply for if you want to work in Australia. First is the Employer Sponsored Workers Visa, where your would-be employer will give you the sponsorship you need in your application for a temporary or permanent working visa.

The second visa that you can apply for is the Working Holiday Visa, where its aim is to attract young people to work in the country for 12 months, with intent on encouraging cultural exchange and encouraging ties with countries.

The Regional Employment program of the Australian government is a good way to start working in the country. It is an initiative designed to bring skilled migrants to the rural and regional areas of the country, aiming to attract young and skilled English speaking individuals where they are needed the most.

Working in Australia can take hard work, but with the right knowledge, help, and support, living in Australia with good work is a big possibility for anyone who has the right knowledge and work qualifications.

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About the Author:

Michael Ma is working as migration agent assistant at Move Migration, a migration agency with professional and licensed migration agents in Sydney, Australia. Their registered migration agents offer exceptional services and simple fee structures that will make the entire process easier and faster for its clients.


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