How to Apply for a Permanent Work Visa

Working in AustraliaAustralia is one of the countries that have been virtually untouched by the world’s economic crisis. In fact, the country’s economy is booming with developments and expansions of companies, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs that can’t be fulfilled by Australian residents alone.

The influx of migrant workers in Australia has dramatically shaped the country’s economy. In Western Australia, foreign workers fuel the region’s population increase, with two thirds of the growth credited to migrant workers. More and more people from overseas are moving to Western Australia more than any other part of the country – making it a favorite choice for immigrants. Despite the large number of foreign workers in this region, the demand is still high especially in the fields of construction and mining.

If you want to be a part of the number of foreign workers in Australia, there are several steps that you can do to be able to work in the country. You can apply for a temporary work visa, or better yet, a permanent working visa. You can apply for the Australian Skilled Independent Visa where a sponsorship is not required, or a Skilled Nominated Visa with a sponsorship requirement, or the Australian Employer Nomination Scheme for those who are already working temporarily in the country.

If you are currently outside Australia, or even if you are in the country, you can apply for the Skilled Independent Visa if you meet all the necessary qualifications. Here are the steps to apply for subclass 189, which is the Skilled Independent Visa.

Before Applying

Before you apply for subclass 189, you have to learn what it is. It is a permanent work visa that will allow individuals to work and live in Australia. Individuals must have the qualifications and skills that are required for skill shortages in the labour market. Having this visa entitles you to become a permanent resident of Australia, have access to government healthcare, social security benefits, and have the ability to apply for an Australian citizenship. You can also bring with you members of your family who meet certain qualifications, such as your dependents.


For subclass 189, you need to be assessed whether you are qualified for this visa. You need to go through a Points Test, which is an objective method of selecting skilled migrant workers with the qualifications needed in Australia. Points are given on factors such as age, where you have to be below 50 years of age, education, skills needed under the Skilled Occupation List, and experience in the skill for at least 12 months. The minimum points required for subclass 189 is 60 points. If you fail to get the minimum points, you will not be eligible to apply for subclass 189, but can possibly apply under subclass 190, which is the Australian Skilled Nominated Visa, where a nomination from a participating state or territory government is required.

Submitting an Expression of Interest

If you have all the necessary requirements, then it’s time to submit your Expression of Interest through SkillSelect – an online service that records your details for being considered for the visa. Application is by invitation only so submitting your EOI will get you an invitation to apply or not.

Lodging Application

Once you have your Invitation to Apply, you can then begin to lodge your application within 60 days, and submit necessary documents. When you’ve submitted all documents and requirements, all you need to do is wait whether your application got granted or not.

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About the Author:

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