4 Benefits of Working in Australia

Australia Worker VisaAustralia is fast becoming an attractive country to work in for new graduates, or experienced skilled workers from around the world. With the country’s massive labor shortages in many different industries, the Australian government has opened its doors to foreign workers to help businesses and companies in their expansion and growth.

Working in Australia has a lot of benefits. Not only will you be living in the happiest nation in the world, and in a country with some of the most liveable cities, you’ll also get to enjoy the following benefits:

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Australia’s economy is booming – businesses are growing, making room for a lot of job opportunities that the Australian workforce cannot fulfill on their own. Unemployment rate in the country is also very low – only 5% of the population is unemployed, which means there are plenty of opportunities for its residents and overseas workers. Also, Australia has an ageing population, where most of its citizens are nearing retirement age, leaving plenty of empty jobs and opening up more occupations in the health industry. With one of the best economies in the world, if you have the right skill and experience, finding a job won’t be a problem.

Opportunity for Career Growth

Unlike other nations where dead end jobs are a common thing, Australian employers actually value employee growth. The Australian philosophy believes in nurturing talent and helping employees advance in their careers. If you are currently studying in an Australian university and working at the same time, the probability that your employer will hire you permanently once you graduate is very high, which also happens most of the time, giving you an opportunity to work permanently in the country. Also, a lot of foreign workers who are on temporary work visas are offered permanent jobs by their employers, making way for them to live in the country permanently.

High Salary

Compared to other big world economies, Australia offers one of the highest minimum wage rates in the entire world. Whereas in the US, the minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, in Australia, it’s actually twice that amount. Minimum wage in Australia is $16.88/hour, which makes up for a lot of your expenses in your process of getting into the country. Though the cost of living in the country is high, the amount you earn is still pretty high, enough for you to enjoy life in the country and save, at the same time.

Work and Life Balance

In the country, the work philosophy is based on the notion that you work to live and not live to work. Employers acknowledge the importance of work and life balance, allowing its employees to have life outside of work. The Australian workforce enjoy more vacation leaves compared to other countries, and most jobs have flexible schedules that allow them to enjoy family and social life outside of work.

Working in Australia represents the very philosophy of Australian mentality – laid back and friendly, making it less difficult for foreign workers to adapt to their new work environment. These many benefits of working in Australia will not only give you plenty of career options and opportunities, but will also make you enjoy what the rest of the country has to offer, as well. If you’re considering on having a career in the country, hire the services of a migration agent to assist you with your visa applications.

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About the Author:

Michael Ma is working as migration agent assistant at Move Migration – an immigration specialist migration agents Sydney providing visa application assistance such as the Australia partner visa and many others.


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