Important Things to Remember When Moving In to Australia

moving in to australiaAustralia is one of most ideal countries to live in. With its excellent performing universities, high quality of life, great health and safety system, friendly and welcoming people and diverse culture, there is no doubt to this claim. All throughout the year, more people from the rest of the world are migrating to the country. And a couple more are starting to plan on migration. But if you’re someone who wants to bring your partner to move in with you in Australia and look for an Australia partner visa agent, then there’s definitely a way for you to achieve just that.

However, a lot of people thinks that the process of migrating to another country, and Australia especially, is difficult and dreary, more so in applying for a partner visa. Also, they think it’s quite difficult to look for efficient migration agents Sydney. Although it is true that application for any foreign visa will take time, the results are rewarding once you finish the process. And to make things easier for anyone who wants to bring their partners or spouses to the country, here are some important notes for you to consider in applying for a partner visa.

1. Proof of relationship.

A major component of the visa application is proving your relationship is genuine. The more proof you provide it is so, the higher chance for your application to be approved. Among the evidences to support that your relationship is real are:

  • Financial statement to prove that you and your partner have financial commitments to each other. Such commitments are ownership of a house, or having liabilities like loans and insurances.
  • Proof that your relationship is socially accepted i.e. your relationship is acknowledged by each of your families and friends. This can be shown via party invitations, mutual friends, and group photos.
  • Nature of commitment as evidence of your effort to stay in touch in times of plans, meet ups or separation.
  • Nature of household as evidence of joint responsibilities of your house/home. You must show that you are both responsible for paying the house bills, doing house chores, and both sharing ownership.
  • Provide a statement of your relationship’s history such as where and how you’ve met, the time you’ve been apart, details in meeting your partner’s family and friends, etc.

2. Provide the proper type of documents.

Make sure that these documents are certified copies, not plain copies or originals, but certified. But as to health and character documents, you will need to provide original copies.

If you are providing documents that are not written in the English language, then you must have English translations of it if applicable. Providing such will also minimize the time for processing, as the case officer will request one of you.

3. Sending your application.

If you have any Australian Immigration Embassy near your place, you can send it there. Otherwise, you will need to mail it in. The processing proper doesn’t start within a month or two. A “case officer” will be assigned to you to look over your application.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask!

If unsure on certain things, do not have second thoughts in asking, because it is better to be safe than sorry. Even with how small your question is, remember to inquire. Usually, problems arise from the failure of the applicant to ask questions regarding the process.

There you go! These 4 easy and simple steps will take you and your family to the land of your dreams. Move in together in Australia and experience this amazing destination.

About the Author:

Michael Ma is working as migration agent assistant at Move Migration is a boutique immigration specialist with a high success rate, giving its customers simple fee structures and exceptional service standards with the help of their credible migration agents Sydney, Australia.


2 thoughts on “Important Things to Remember When Moving In to Australia

  1. Reblogged this on ReloNavigator and commented:
    This is an interesting feed regarding Australian Migration which pertains to partnerships or spousal relationships. While it did not specifically identified as applicable to same sex couples, it seems that any type of relationship between two individuals who are responsible and can document their relationship through various proofs and evidence as listed. It is always best to have proper documentation support to a migration application regardless of country, as those supporting evidence will gain higher approval of an application. Great sharing Michael.

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